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Helping Parents Resolve Their Concerns Through Education And Advocacy

Attorney Sarah Sultenfuss firmly believes that, as a parent, you deserve access to all the information that concerns you and your child. You need to know all your options and the potential consequences. That is the only way you can really make the best decision for your child.

When you retain our Dade City firm, you have a powerful advocate on your side. Attorney Sultenfuss understands the value of amicable negotiations, but she is also no stranger to fierce courtroom representation. We will fight for your family’s future.

The law firm of Sarah Sultenfuss, P.A., is a high-quality, full-service law firm. We understand the value of the parent-child relationship. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 352-458-4721.

Parents Have Many Legal Considerations

Whether you are going through divorce or you were never married to your child’s other parent, there are many legal questions you will need to answer. We assist parents by:

Whenever possible, we suggest parents attempt to resolve these questions outside of court, through mediation or negotiation. However, if you and your co-parent are unable to work together productively, we can and will advocate for you in court.

Speak With A Certified Family Law Mediator Today

Attorney Sultenfuss began practicing family law in 2003. She is a highly recognized attorney who has achieved Florida Supreme Court certification as a family law mediator. Her experience and legal skill can make a difference in your family’s future. Reach out to our Dade City office by email or call 352-458-4721. Your first consultation is free.