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Preventing Further Abuse With A Court Order

Florida law allows a victim of domestic violence to obtain a no-contact order against his or her abuser. These civil injunctions may require a person to stay away from the victim, including staying away from the home. If the person subject to the restrictions imposed in the court order resides in the same home, he or she is barred from the residence.

Our Experience And Legal Representation Will Protect Your Rights

Sarah Baker Sultenfuss, P.A., is a well-respected family law and criminal defense law firm in Dade City, Florida. Our firm has substantial experience in representing women and men in all aspects of order for protection hearings.

Domestic violence is a problem that can reside at the intersection of divorce (or other family law problems) and criminal law. Sarah Baker Sultenfuss is an accomplished family law and criminal defense attorney. Her deep knowledge and experience in each of these areas of law is highly important to clients of our law firm in hearings involving domestic violence restraining orders.

A victim of violence seeking an order, as well as a respondent challenging the injunction, needs the competent advice of a seasoned lawyer to understand the full ramifications of the order of protection. You need an attorney for sound advice and guidance no matter what side you are on. Our law firm is well-prepared to provide comprehensive advice in all aspects of domestic violence disputes.

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