An amicable divorce is one in which both parties agree to the details of the split. When both spouses accept the proposed terms of a divorce, they can achieve an uncontested dissolution of marriage. This means the couple can avoid the hassle of court and instead go through mediation.

Divorce mediation in Florida involves both spouses sitting down with a mediator who is an unbiased third party. The mediator will help both sides compromise on issues such as child custody and property division. Then, a judge will sign off on the terms of the divorce.

  1. More control

If a divorce case goes to trial, a judge will have the final say in the terms of the divorce. While a judge will listen to both sides of the case, it will ultimately be the judge’s decision regarding child custody, parenting rights, spousal support, living arrangements and property division. Mediation, on the other hand, leaves the couple in control of the terms of the divorce.

  1. Less money

Divorce mediation is typically cheaper for both sides than a trial. Litigation involves greater attorney fees and court costs. Mediation takes a shorter amount of time using a skilled negotiator that can expedite the process. Mediation is a cost-effective resolution that saves the couple money.

  1. More privacy

Divorce mediation does not take place in a public courtroom, where anyone can attend. Trials are public, with little room for privacy. Mediation, on the other hand, takes place in a peaceful, private setting. Mediation is 100% confidential, with only those present in the room privy to the intimate details.

  1. Less impact on children

Divorce mediation is often the right choice for couples with children. Mediation lets both parents talk through child custody and support issues and resolve them together, rather than dragging the family through a messy custody battle. Mediation is a cooperative process that can be better on the whole family.